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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New Art Mask Halloween Costume Festivals Theatre "FaceScape" Tree Frog

I am excited to explore this new-to-me concept in masks.   I call it "FaceScapes."  The idea is to create small scenes on the face in the form of a mask.  I really love the possibilities of adding yet another layer to the scene by adding face paint or make-up.  I think these will appeal to those who a) do not like their whole face covered, b) teachers and daycare workers that might want fun new ways to illustrate a story, c) performing arts.

Come to think of it, doctors and nurses at Childrens hospitals should really sport one of these to check on their wee patients.  I know it would make me feel better!

These are really fun and quite challenging to make. I cannot wait to see where this adventure takes me...

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